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Animal Welfare

Euro Farm Foods operate the best industry practices when it comes to animal handling. This principle ensures the correct treatment of the animal and aims to deliver the best quality of product we can to our customers. We aim to source our livestock from as close to the factory as possible in the best interests of the cattle from a transport point of view.

All personnel who come into contact with animals must attend and attain the necessary competancy at our AW training sessions. Only staff who achieve the required level of competance required during the sessions are detailed to work with animals.

The sessions are designed to be specific to our factory and are delivered by Miriam Parker of Livestockwise. Ms Parker is a specialist in Animal Behaviour and her work with animals is well recognised across the meat industry.

Livestock Hauliers are approved annually to ensure that the Welfare of Animals during transport is being adhered to.

Best Practice for the Welfare of Animals During Transport (PDF - 1.9MB)

DAFF Video on Animal Welfare During Transport (EFF is not responsible for the content of external links)