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The Euro Farm Foods factory is licenced by and operates under the regulation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Ireland.

Euro Farm Foods is conscious of the negative impact of burning fossil fuels on the environment. We are constantly striving to increase efficiencies in our processes, reduce inputs and costs while maintaining our high levels of quality product.

Euro Farm Foods recognises the contribution water has to play in delivering a quality product to our customers. We are fully committed to reducing the consumption of this valuable resource where possible without compromising on hygiene standards.

We also employ the latest technology to ensure we treat and monitor our wastewater to the highest environmental standards. This involves water testing by a reputable laboratory service provider all year round. Euro Farm Foods also operates a packaging recycling policy. All used packaging on site is sorted and stored for collection by a large recycling operator.

Euro Farm Foods recognition of its obligation to the environment was evident in the decision to upgrade our existing refrigeration plant when undertaking the factory extension project in 2012.

By choosing to install an ammonia gas based system, the following clearly identifiable environmental benefits will accrue:

  • 25% reduction in energy required to run the refrigeration plant annually
  • 25% reduction in the energy required for water heating purposes through the installation of a heat recovery system to work in tandem with the new refrigeration plant
  • Ammonia gas refrigeration plants of the type chosen by Euro Farm Foods are certified for zero gas emissions thus reducing our carbon footprint. This zero emission target is becoming a requirement for businesses intending to be involved in the supermarket supply chain.